The Hollow featured in The Aquarian

The Hollow was recently featured in one of New Jersey's largest music publications The Aquarian. You can read the article below or click here.

THE HOLLOW—Morristown, NJ

I love hearing from new bands looking for exposure in The Aquarian. I mean that’s the sole reason why we do this, right? So, when I was contacted by the Morristown, NJ band The Hollow, I immediately clicked on their link to give them a listen. I got to hear the songs “Runaway,” “Let It Burn” and “No Way to Live,” off of their debut self-titled CD, and their sound really brings me back to the mid-90s. I felt that the boys from The Hollow really nailed that alternative rock sound that I remembered listening to when I first got into radio. They reminded me of bands like Cracker or The Toadies. Their first single and video, “Runaway” will stick in your head for days.

The Hollow is an alt-rock act out of Morristown, NJ. They boys are no strangers to the scene though. They actually used to play under the name The Meathooks, where they released their first full length CD in 2008 titled No End in Sight, which got them some recognition in many media outlets. They recently felt that the band needed a change and a fresh new start, so they changed the name to The Hollow and rebranded the whole project. The Hollow is singer James Vilade, guitarist Brian Wilson, bassist Steve Babula and drummer Kevin Barry, and together they spent the past year writing and recording all the tracks on this new CD.

The Hollow, who was nominated as one the Top 5 New Jersey Bands on my bud, Lindsay Klein’s “Homegrown Spotlight” on WDHA, self-produced, recorded and mixed the disc at bass player Steve Babula’s private studio. They plan on spending the better half of 2011 promoting the new music, so log onto to find out when they’re playing in your neck of the woods.

—by Tim Louie, February 9, 2011

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